Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Some new things :)

**************There is a picture at the bottom that is a bit provocative (I don't think so)
but fair warning it could possibly offend someone.**************

I've been thinking about going back vegetarian for awhile now. I don't eat much meat anyways so it wouldn't be a hard thing. I made this recipe the other day and my word was it some kind of tasty!! I served it with brown lentils and chunked up, baked, sweet potatos... nom nom nom
Must remember to start taking food pictures again!

If ya'll remember Hattie our newest chicken to the clan..well she finally laid her pretty blue/green egg in December! We are getting one almost every day now. So that's pretty exciting. On a sad note, the brown chicken with no name has passed but on a positive... hopefully this Spring we'll be looking at getting a white egg layer add to our gang.

I finally found the problem with my Vandals. I had the wrong size!

These beauties are my new love! Oh these Vanilla's are super comfy and just lovely all around. Not to mention they skate as amazing as they look!

I love Miss Piggy! She is my absolute favorite. I had been looking for a long time to get a new piece of work and although she's not finished I'm so in love with her.


arkonite_babe said...

Angi I love your Miss Piggy tattoo! She's fabulous :)

Angi said...

AWWW Thanks, I love her too!!!! It's so good to see you!!